A Phylogenetic Tree is a means of mapping an evolutionary progress to a treelike structure. Such a tree could, for example, look like this:
The project is all about writing software which can generate such a tree, by comparing (parts of) DNA from the species involved. The project is an (optional) part of the Mathematics bachelor programme at Utrecht University. It took about 4, 5 months in total, and the supervising teacher was Dhr. Rob Bisseling.

Student participants:
Evert Hildebrand
Hanno Mulder
Christian Poot
Arjen Vermolen
Jasper Valstar
Tomas Waals
Albert-Jan Yzelman, www, email
Casper Zelissen
Robin Zeeman

The latest program version (Java runtime required) available here. Also in [GZip]
The final report is available in [dvi] as well as in [pdf]

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