The webalbum is a simple tool to create an internet page containing images. Simply browse your computer for the images you want. Then -optionally- add additional information about the picture. First preview it, and when it looks satisfactory, save it to your hard drive. The program will automatically create the html file which will show the images, and copies all images to the same location as the html file.

One can set many options through the corresponding 'options' screen, including the option to fix the size of the images in the html file. It is also possible to define auxiliary html files as footer and header for the output page.

The finest feature of this program so far is the option to use a template. A template is a user-defined html page, which this program will modify to create the final output page. The template file is a normal html file, with the following extra:
There is one <repeat x>-</repeat> tag-pair, where x is the number of <pic>-tags contained in it. Webalbum will repeatedly replace every <pic>-tag with a <img>-tag, until all images selected in the program are represented in the html file. For example:
Everything here will be displayed above the pictures

<repeat 3>

And everything here will be displayed beneath the pictures


This template will result in a page with a 3-column table in it which contains the pictures. In quite an easy fashion too; imagine what's possible with a more complex template!
As you can see, there's one other tag worth mentioning: the <name>-tag represents the album's name.

Everyone is free to use this program under GNU public license. I'll be happy to receive comment, questions or bug reports. Enjoy the program!


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Output examples: [Standard] [Template]
(The template used is the one discribed above)

By A.N. Yzelman (2005),,